Working with John Atencio in Denver

Working with John Atencio in Denver
July 2, 2020 Zac

This COVID pandemic has been a challenging few months and has either canceled many opportunities or postponed them.

Fortunately, this created ample time to collaborate with a new client ‘John Atencio’ which you may have seen his jewelry stores in malls around Colorado.

I was excited to work on this project because it involved filming the jewelry in-studio and getting to work with John, who has been making jewelry for over 40 years! I got to experiment with animated lighting and macro video. I used two different setups to film jewelry. I spent about 3 days shooting the different pieces.  With macro, being so close to the jewelry, you can really see everything. I mean every little detail. I had to clean each piece repeatedly to keep the dust off!

We used the footage of the jewelry, an interview with the founder & owner, John Atencio, to create videos for their new website launch. For one of the scenes, I filmed John riding his bike in Denver. If you can imagine, me racing on my rollerblades to keep up with John to get the perfect shot!

Watch the two videos below and check out

john atencio BTS john atencio BTS john atencio BTS

john atencio behind the scenes
















I performed a lot of the functions for this project including developing the script, directing photography, filming, and editing the footage. There are additional content pieces from Mark Santos, Armando Geneyro, and Lashbrook company.

This is an on-going project in collaboration with ‘Get Louder Productions, LLC‘.

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