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    Changing Perspectives of Rio’s Largest Favela

    Runtime: 13:24 min
    Zac Fabian & Will van der Linde
    Edited by: Zac Fabian
    Produced by
    Elliot Rosenberg, Favela Experience
    Music by Guizado –
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    Changing Perspectives of Rocinha

    The government of Rio de Janeiro initiated a violent and controversial military operation to ‘pacify‘ the over 600 favelas in the state of Rio.  The favelas have long been under the control of a vast number of various gangs.  The idea is to provide a safer or, at least, to make it appear like the government was providing a safer city for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 World Olympics.  Rocinha, the largest favela, was the first to be pacified in 2011 and it has opened up this large community to a potential for tourism.  My video sheds insight into Favela Experience and Favela Tours, two businesses aimed at using tourism to directly benefit the local community.  Even though you will hear about violence in the favelas from the media, the basic point is that most of the violence is related to drug trafficking or military police and I, as a tourist, didn’t experience any of it.  In the two weeks that I stayed in the favela, I didn’t see any violence or feel threatened. It’s a large community and a lot goes on, but there are always two sides to every story.
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    With an inside look into Brazil’s largest favela of Rocinha, tourist attractions, various elements of Brazilian culture including awesome footage of capoeira and samba, music featuring local funk celebrity Mulher Maracuja, and interviews with Elliot Rosenberg (founder & CEO | Favela Experience), Zezinho (founder | Favela Tours) and other community members. If you are not coming to Rio soon, this video is your next best option to experiencing the beauty and excitement of “The Marvelous City.”
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