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Social Media Management

Social media creates a more dynamic user experience. Businesses who understand how to combine the best of both worlds will reap the benefits of their early adoption. Building a legitimate social media presence gives you unparalleled access to your existing customers. But that’s not all.

Social networks have become recommendation engines. A constant user-driven promotion for you. So why not tap into that. By its very nature, social media requires a higher frequency of interaction than other forms of marketing. The challenge may be daunting, but the payoff in regards to engaged and loyal fans, followers, and advocates can’t be beaten!

I help you manage all your social media outlets and maintain an active relationship with your viewers. We accomplish this through a multi-step social media push and ongoing creative campaigns.  Engage visitors once and keep them coming back for more. The demand for content will always surpass the supply but streamlining the process can enrich your content and maintain loyalty. Create content once, then LAUNCH it everywhere.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is an essential part of gaining visibility for your website. For the specialized service that I offer, I’ve seen prices as outrageous as $1,500! Don’t get duped. They are trying to prey on people’s ignorance, hoping to squeeze some dollars from technical jargon.  Search engine optimization is just about understanding what the engines are looking for and making it easy for them to find.  At affordable rates, I will :

  • Improve search engine rankings with specific keywords in a targeted region
  • Increase traffic to your website with higher rankings in Google and other popular search engines

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