New Video for Favela Experience

New Video for Favela Experience
December 3, 2013 Zac

After an epic two week production in Rio de Janeiro with Favela Experience and a few months of post production, I am proud to release the video for our indiegogo campaign.  It demonstrates my best video work to date with some gorgeous shots from Rio.

If you have any interest in the World Cup 2014, you should definitely consider Favela Experience.  It is the best option for lodging during the major international event that is still affordable and will provide a genuine cultural experience. If you are not interested in the World Cup, you may support the campaign’s efforts to help the favelas.

There is a $25 perk that supports the campaign and gets you an EXCLUSIVE high-definition video produced by Zac Fabian Productions! (click to view campaign)

With an inside look into Brazil’s largest favela of Rocinha, tourist attractions, various elements of Brazilian culture including awesome footage of capoeira and samba, and interviews with Elliot Rosenberg (founder & CEO | Favela Experience)  and other community members. If you are not coming to Rio soon, this video is your next best option to experiencing the beauty and excitement of “The Marvelous City.”

Favela Experience

“Favela Experience provides affordable room and apartment rentals for travelers in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. As safe, centrally-located, and culturally vibrant neighborhoods, the favelas offer our guests a true Brazilian experience close to Rio’s beaches and main sights.

Now for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we are offering our accommodations exclusively through at prices starting 50% below even youth hostels in Rio. Book our shared rooms, private rooms, and private apartments before this deal ends and our supply sells out on January 7th, 2014!”

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