Journey to Central America

Journey to Central America
December 20, 2013 Zac

Providing media coverage for Cosmic Convergence & Envision Festival ~

I’m very excited to continue my journey and take my production to Central America for two music festivals: Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala (Dec. 29-Jan.1) & Envision Festival in Costa Rica (Feb. 20-23).  If you missed it, I was just in Rio de Janeiro filming videos for Favela Experience. You can watch some of that footage on indiegogo – CLICK HERE.

Similar to Rio, this will be my first time in Guatemala. I’ve heard the country is beautiful and more untapped by tourism than say Costa Rica.  I have read some things on the State Department website about safety concerns, but I’m hoping for the best and planning to be low key.  This will be my first time as ‘media’ for a music festival and I’m more than ready.  I’ve been wanting to bring my skills to these gatherings for awhile and I’m so glad that I’ve been given this international opportunity for both Guatemala and Costa Rica.  Special thanks to Clayton Gaar with the Tribal Council Collective for giving me a chance and connecting the dots. 

“I cannot wait to share my perspective, to reveal what I see, what I capture and what I care about.”

At Cosmic Convergence, I will be working closely with Project Nuevo Mundo, focusing on capturing video of the festival to highlight the location’s beauty at Lake Atitlan and capture the essence of this transformational festival over the New Year.  If you haven’t heard of Project Nuevo Mundo, you should definitely click the link and check out their site.  Clayton is actually an econaut on the cross-continent bus tour.

Project Nuevo Mundo “connects People and Impact Centers, encouraging resource sharing on the web and on the ground to catalyze planetary regeneration and individual transformation.” 

For Envision Festival in Costa Rica, I will be part of the media team with LostinSound.  I am bringing my video expertise to the group, helping produce some creative videos that will be released daily as well as capturing photographs and video for future promotion and a festival review on the LiS site.

I will be in Central America from Dec. 27 – March 6 and pretty much be a mobile media production hub.  I’m definitely going to capture some amazing photos and video of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.   I will be blogging my trip, so if you would like to see what I capture:

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