Independents National Convention Media Coverage

Independents National Convention Media Coverage
December 17, 2023 Zac

INC. ’23 – Austin

Austin is a memorable city for several reasons. When I was there I got to see what some of the hype was about. I flew to Austin for the Independents National Convention, April 3-5. They brought me in for video & photo coverage of the event. When I wasn’t working, I got to try some of the local grub, see live music, and hear the bats under Congress Bridge.

The event included 45 panels on educational topics. The lineup included keynote speakers Tulsi Gabbard, Dennis Kucinich, Kathrine Gehl, Angela McArgdle, John Opdyke, Brock Pierce, Chris Hedges, Bret Weinstein, Zach Bush, and many more!

Client: INC ’23