Goin’ South for the Tomato Harvest with Seaside Grown

Goin’ South for the Tomato Harvest with Seaside Grown
June 29, 2019 Zac

I never thought I’d be so immersed in tomatoes. Literally, millions of pounds of tomatoes.

I had an exciting adventure on a two trip journey to the coast of South Carolina. I went down to St. Helena Island, South Carolina for the harvest at Seaside Farms. I worked with ‘Get Louder Productions‘ based in Asheville mainly as the Licensed Drone Pilot. I also brought my Sony FS7 and Panasonic GH5s with Moza Crane 2. We captured intimate details from picking to the processing, interviewed key members of the family, and toured the new Seaside Grown BloodyMary Mix processing facility. I survived the mosquitos and the humidity to tell the tale.

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‘There is something special, simple and pure about produce fresh off of the farm. Fresh is the only way we know how to create culinary delights in our family.

All Seaside Grown products are made by hand in our kitchen. Two pounds of our family’s tomatoes are found in each jar of Seaside Grown Bloody Mary Mix, and you can rest assured that they are fresh from the field.

Seaside Farm is nestled in the heart of Frogmore, South Carolina on St. Helena Island. Over a century ago, Gus Sanders discovered that the soil on St. Helena Island was just right for producing plump and juicy tomatoes. That’s because the soil is just a tad bit warmer than that of inland farms, which makes it perfect for harvesting the best tomatoes.

Being certified South Carolina Grown is not just a necessary part of production. To us, it’s an honor and a matter of taste. We are blessed to be able to grow God’s finest tomato in a beautiful part of the world with our family and friends—there is truly nothing better than that.’ – From SeasideGrown.com

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