Fabian Productions Travels to Rio de Janeiro

Fabian Productions Travels to Rio de Janeiro
September 10, 2013 Zac

I am more than excited to be leaving tomorrow morning (September 10, 2013) for the beautiful and epic city of Rio de Janeiro.  I extend my gratitude to Elliot Rosenberg from Favela Experience for inviting me to produce a short promotional video for his nascent business which offers apartment rentals and tours in the favelas.  For those that don’t know, the favelas are highly dense urban communities renowned for their energy and unique culture.

Favelas are squatter communities in Brazil that date back to the 1890s. Today nearly 30% of Rio’s population lives in favelas, making them centers of fascinating culture, unique architecture, resilient people, and fun activities. Even though favelas are financially poor, they have a wealth of natural, cultural, and personal beauty to share with you! – FavelaExperience.com

I’ve looked at pictures, watched videos, but I have a feeling, nothing will prepare me for this city life.  I’m bringing all my production gear and thanks to Will van der Linde, all his gear as well.  We’re packing a Lumix GH3, Canon 5D, SteadyCam rig, slider, GoPro3, and much more!  The plan is to use our toys aka production equipment to capture what’s it is REALLY like to be in the favelas.  Most who have heard of these communities, know them for their gangs and poverty. Since the government started ‘pacifying‘ these areas back in 2008, much has changed.  Will and I will be staying with Elliot in the favela while we work for two weeks capturing the gorgeous landscapes, vibrant city life, and intimate favela experience.

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I will be blogging each day if all goes well. Just to give a taste, tomorrow I leave Dulles at 10 AM.  I land in the Rio airport at 12:30AM the following night.  The normal $5 shuttle isn’t running that late, so I will need to take a $45 taxi to the favela. Interestingly enough, the taxi drivers will not drive into the favela.  So I will be dropped off at the entrance where Elliot will meet me at around 2:30AM for us to walk to his place…

riopanorama_night favela2

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