LostinSound.org presents: The 2014 Envision Festival Recap Video

LostinSound.org presents: The 2014 Envision Festival Recap Video
April 18, 2014 Zac

Envision gave me a chance to connect my passion for adventure and music with my skills in video production. I’m very excited to post this video with footage from Envision Festival 2014 in Costa Rica. I was contracted with LostinSound.org to produce the Envision Survival Guide, Recap Video, Album Compilation, and Festival Review.

I cannot stress how incredible of an event Envision Festival is.  For those that haven’t heard of it, Envision is a transformational festival right on the tropical beach in Costa Rica. There is live music, performance artists, painters, dancers, workshops, panel discussions on sustainable design and living, permaculture, delicious, organic, and healthy foods, ceremony, celebration, and much more! By transformative, the festival seeks to create a container for transformation to occur within the self and the microcosm to influence the greater culture.  Watch the video I made to experience a gist of what it’s like.

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