Yardstick Management Institute

This was a diversity and inclusion-themed retreat by Yardstick Management Group at the Lone Rock Retreat Center in Bailey, Colorado. December 10-13th, 2023. I captured video of the speakers and the event, of course, flying the drone several times. You can read more about the group below.

Purposeful and inclusive organizations, guided by their consideration for people, communities, and the environment, serve as hubs for forward-thinking leaders. These organizations, along with the thought leaders they nurture, become catalysts for innovation, drivers of prosperity, and accelerators of change.

Leaders from various industries will come together for our 6th Institute, where they’ll engage deeply with vital topics like diversity, equity, inclusion, cultural awareness, and introspection. Intersecting these themes with current personal and workplace dynamics and trends in social impact, diverse leaders will collectively leverage their wisdom and expertise to forge lasting, meaningful, and measurable progress in purpose-driven initiatives. Armed with these newfound insights, they will return to their respective organizations, communities, and networks, serving as catalysts for a sustainable path toward effecting positive social change on a global level.

The Yardstick Management Institute was founded with the purpose of uniting leaders from diverse backgrounds in an exclusive and intimate setting. Through immersive retreats, leaders from various walks of life engage in meaningful discussions, share their insights, listen to one another, and acquire practical tools rooted in their individual experiences and perspectives.

Yardstick Management Group

Established in 2012, Yardstick Management is an award-winning, Black-founded, and women-led boutique management consulting firm.