Get Louder Presents, A Bassy Bob Production, Jermaine Holmes – ‘Let me know’/ In-Studio Live Recording

Jermaine Holmes - ‘Let me know’
Exec Producers
Bassy BoB
Mike Novak
Bassy Bob
Cary Romanoff
Jermaine Holmes – lead Vocals and keys
Daru Jones – drums
Naughty Horns
Nick Ellman – alto sax
John Culbreth – trumpet
Marcus Machado – Guitar
Jan Bowman – tenor sax
Bg vocal – Ahrel Lumzy
Bg Vocal – Redd
Zac Fabian
Sydney McRoy
Alex Mengel
Production Coordination
Christine Adams
Edited by
Zac Fabian
Mixed and Produced
By bassy bob
For Get Louder Productions
Seaside Grown
Client:A Bob Bassy Production / Get Louder Productions
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