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  • Shpongle Red Rocks

    My First Time to Red Rocks in Colorado

    I travelled to Denver, Colorado and while I was there I secured a press pass through for the long…

  • The Yoga Forest

    Photos from Ignite your Journey Yoga Retreat & The Yoga Forest

    Photos from four day Yoga Retreat at The Forest Yoga in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Featuring DJ Amani from the Desert…

  • Cosmic Convergence

    Photos taken at Cosmic Convergence Festival 2014

    Cosmic Convergence Festival 2014 | Zac Fabian Photography Location: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

  • Journey to Central America

    Providing media coverage for Cosmic Convergence & Envision Festival ~ I’m very excited to continue my journey and take my…

  • gallery

    Pictures from Tribal Council ‘Kinnection’ Tour

    Very gracious to Tribal Council for the opportunity to take photographs at the last stop in Charlotte, NC on their…

  • Rio in review, some lessons learned & pictures

    This is my last blog post on my two week journey to Rio de Janeiro.  It was certainly quite the…