The Permaculture Action Tour Film

The Permaculture Action Tour Film
January 12, 2015 Zac

I’m beginning production on a film about the 9,000 mile tour I went on with The Polish Ambassador, an electronic producer from California, and the Permaculture Action Team, a grassroots organization on a mission to spread a regenerative and sustainable culture.

Last fall, I travelled for 6 weeks, visiting 32 cities in 18 different states, teaching permaculture and inspiring community action.

If you don’t know, ‘permaculture’ is a way of thinking; a design system for creating sustainable human environments and working with, rather than against nature that can be applied in all communities now.

On the tour, The Polish Ambassador played music each night and the following day, the team organized an action day in every city where fans and community members could get their hands dirty. We built earthships, planted community and food forest gardens, cleaned up public space, practiced guerrilla and urban gardening, taught permaculture and held action focused dialogues! It was an ambitious goal, but it ended up being more than successful with more support, attendance, and enthusiasm than we expected.  It started a movement.

I have the entire journey documented and now I am raising money in order to produce the film. I have an overwhelming amount of footage and an amazing story captured including interviews with the permaculture designers, exclusive interviews with the artists, and video from 32 cities, day and night, all throughout the tour.  I have created an indiegogo to fund the production.

The film will show the success of sustainability and touring with a purpose as well as introduce permaculture as a large scale solution to alleviate many problems communities around the world are and will deal with in relation to climate change. I am very excited have the opportunity to produce this film and get the story of an artist using his visibility to start a movement.  You can also be a part of that movement and ensure that the message gets out!

Click here to view the indiegogo page & fund the film!

Click here to get your copy of the film when it’s released – Downloadable, DVDs, Bluerays, and more!

To read about the tour, visit our website at

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